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The Mall is a wet, gooey, practical effects filled TTRPG adventure set in a 199x mall pulled out of time and space. The mall’s denizens are trapped inside with a creature not bound by any one form. It slithers among them now, preparing to assimilate and imitate its victims until no one is left and it can open a rift between its home dimension…AND EARTH!


This module carries content warnings for death, human sacrifice, hallucinations, drugs, people trapped/imprisoned, instances of self-inflicted harm, temporal disorientation and body horror (bones and foreign objects breaking through skin, unwilling bodily transformation, bodily disfigurement).


  • Carpenter, John. - The Thing
  • Astron-6 - The Void
  • Siebert, Maggie - Bonding
  • Umezz, Kazuo - The Drifting Classroom


  • Writing, Layout & Design: Goblin Archives
  • Editing: Vi Huntsman
  • Cover: Zach Hazard Vaupen © 2022
  • Illustrations: Garbage Goat © 2022
  • Illustration: Trevor Henderson © 2022
  • Playtesters: Chris, Will, Geoff, Andy, Paul, Tyler, Nick, Shadow and John
  • Feedback: Chrissy Crits, Will Conwell, Garbage Goat, Logan Dean.

A closed mall facade with fungus and darkness growing.

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Liminal Horror was written and designed by Goblin Archives