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Liminal Horror tabletop role playing game with Facilitator and at least two other players. Players act as investigators navigating a modern world full of terrible and unknowable things that hide in the spaces between, looking for a way in.

Liminal Horror is a rules-lite, fail forward system that leverages creative problem solving in order to create memorable experiences at the table. The major shift from its parent systems is the integration of a stress damage system that can result in stress fallout. Stress Fallout is how characters are changed by exposure to the Old Powers (both narratively and mechanically).

It was developed as a modern cosmic horror hack of Yochai Gal’s Cairn (itself a child of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd & Ben Milton’s Knave). Liminal Horror written by Nick Erickson (Goblin Archives)

For fans of cosmic horror, Junji Ito, and TTRPGs such as: Call of Cthulu, Monster of the Week, Silent Legions.

In addition to having the core text available on this site, Liminal Horror can be found:

A custom mixtape by designer Sam Leigh @GoblinMixtape can be found here:

The full text is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The github repository for this text can be found here

The cover illustration is © 2021 Zach Hazard Vaupen. Twitter:@zachhazard

Liminal Horror cover. A dark hallway, halfway down engulfed in blackness, with black arms reaching out from the abyss. White eyes blink from within.

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Liminal Horror was written and designed by Goblin Archives