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Liminal Horror

Liminal Horror is a modern horror ttrpg that can adapt to a myriad of different subgenres. It’s fail forward, rules-lite chasis where you play as characters that battle against (and are changed) by the horrors that lurk in the dark.

itch: All content can be found on the Goblin Archive page.

Goblin Archives blog is where I post in process resources, appendices, updates, and additions to the Liminal Horror system.

Newsletter / Substack

Stay up to date with blog posts, releases, WIPs, and other cryptid-esque sightings.

Design Framework & Third Party License

A DESIGN FRAMEWORK has been included to help support creators in making adventures, content, hacks, and remiaginings using LIMINAL HORROR. The Third Party License allows designers an open way to make things and retain all profit and control of their work.

The Annotated Archive of Game Design Resources

This site also currently houses a collection of resources to help lower the barrier of entry for designers called The Annotated Archive of Game Design Resources


The github repository for this text can be found here

The cover illustration is © 2021 Zach Hazard Vaupen. Twitter:@zachhazard

Liminal Horror cover. A dark hallway, halfway down engulfed in blackness, with black arms reaching out from the abyss. White eyes blink from within.

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Liminal Horror was written and designed by Goblin Archives