Creating Monsters

Use the following template to model NPCs and monsters:

  • Title (denotes the type of NPC/monster)
  • NPC Name (most things have a name. Some have forgotten theirs and are now solely defined by their title)
  • X HP, X Armor, X STR, X DEX, X CTRL,
  • Attack (dX, special items, qualities)
  • Description (appearance or demeanor)
  • Drive, behavior, tactic, or peculiarity
  • Special effect or critical damage consequence.

General Principles

  • Ability Scores are 10 unless noted.
  • Ability Scores: 3 is deficient, 6 is weak, 10 is average, 14 is noteworthy, and 18 is legendary.
  • HP: 3 HP is average , 6 HP sturdy, 1 0+ HP is serious threat
  • HP is Hit Protection, not a measure of Hit Points. It’s a measure of skill, luck, drive, resilience.
  • Flavor and style = memorable
  • Use d6 as the baseline for damage.
  • Including ways to deal stress makes the game more Weird (increases chance of Stress Fallout)
  • Critical Damage triggers increase threat or strangeness

Creature Cheat Sheet:

  • Able to avoid being hit? Give it HP.
  • Soak up damage? Give it Armor.
  • Physically powerful? Give it a high STR or larger damage dice.
  • Quick? Give it high DEX.
  • Weird? Give it high CTRL or ability to deal Stress Damage.

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