Party Questions

The Party

Why has the party come together? Use the answers from the Get To Know Your Character section to inform your decision. As a table create your own or use the table below (d6):

1 The investigators meet in a diner. They may or may not know each other. Fluorescent lights hum over checkered linoleum.
2 A simple “wrong place, wrong time.” The resulting event binds the investigators together.
3 United through self guided research. Online paranatural forum? Club? Support group?
4 A mysterious patron that has brought the investigators together.
5 Members of the community respond to a series of mysterious events.
6 Investigators (either professional or amateur) that are looking into an event.

Character Bonds (optional)

Have each player state a relationship to another character at the table. This should be informed by the background, The Abyss Stares Back, and The Party section of character creation. Some examples are:

1 _____ is hiding something from me.
2 _____ is my ex.
3 _____ saved me from whatever it was that tried to attack me.
4 _____ is my drinking buddy
5 ___ is my co-worker at ___
6 _____ is my neighbor.


Determine as a group what types of vehicle or transportation the party has access to. The party may have access to more than one vehicle. Car chases are an essential part of solving a mystery. Vehicles have HP. When it is reduced to 0HP it is totaled. Totaling a vehicle can cause damage to those in and around the vehicle.

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