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While you can write and create each aspect of your zine yourself, some parts may require funds to complete (either to make a reality or to commission someone to make). Some things that may require investment are:

  • Art
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Publishing

Other than self funding (or getting someone to invest/partner), there are are a few different ways to raise funds for your game. A noncomprehensive list is:

  • setting up a co-op
  • slowfunding
  • settig up pre-orders
  • “crowdfunding” platforms (such as itchfunding or Gamefound).


An alternative to Kickstarter that is newer (but avoids many of the issues with kickstarter) is itchfunding. This is the format I curretly am using to create The Mall.

  • Jalopy Design: Itchfunding & Gdocs by David Schirduan (Technical Grimoire). As with all the Jalopy Design entries, this one is extremely infomrative in providing a deep look at the benefits and drawbacks to itchfunding in the context of their project.
  • Information Thread: How To Setup Itchfunding! by Pandion Games is a fantastic 16 tweet thread that goes over the benefits and steps crowdfund using itchfunding.
  • Itchfund FAQ by KeganExe is a great place to get an overview of what itchfunding is and what it can do. PlusOneEXP hosted a great discussion on Itchfunding.
  • Part 1 is with Jeff Stormer
  • Part 2 is with KeganExe, Adam Bell, Nic Masyk
  • Part 3 is with Thomas Manuel & Sam Leigh.
  • Google Doc compiling notes on the discussions by EldritchMouse.
  • The Mall itchfunding page is an example of an itchfunding page. I used a ton of different models and the above resources to try and structure it in a way that presented the necessary information to backers. You can use any parts of it (especially the Itchfunding & the Mall, The Goal, and the Logistics sections) in your own campaign.

Presale Model

Another funding method being implemented is a pre-sale model


Slowfunding is crowdfunding alternative proposed by Long Tail Games, that acts gradual model of colecting pre-orders over an extended period of time, and once it hit pre-determined markers then it triggers going into different stages of production.

Printing Partnerships

One option is to partner with retailers to help fund a print run. Many online retailers do this (I have experience partnering with Exalted Funeral).

  • CHAPBOOK CO-OP is a collection of retailers (Monkey’s Paw Games, Loot the Room, Spear Witch, ratti incantati) that have come together to help designers fund a print run (and sell the games in their storefronts across the globe).

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