Appendix N

These works directly inspired this game, both in tone and content. This list is not a comprehensive one, but it is a starting point. Each one of these is worth your time and would be a trove for touchstones/inspirations/mysteries. Read them, get inspired by them. File off the serial numbers and bring it to your table.


  • Old Gods of Appalachia - podcast: A plethora of fantastic worldbuilding and cosmic horror a setting like none other (the hills of Appalachia).
  • Friends at the Table podcast: Hands down a must listen if you are intereted in compelling stories, world building, and deeply emotional moments. Shows what story telling/AP can be.
  • White Vault - podcast: Archiologists sent out into the frozen wastes, trapped in a blizzard. This work is phenominal in regards to pacing, character, and building dread.
  • The Lost Bay Podcast


  • The works of Junji Ito - Manga: His works are masterful and I’m hoping someone makes a scenario/mystery directly pulling from his work.
  • B.P.R.D - comic: The orignization behind Hellboy, there are some great images/lore/myths to inspire your game. The first mystery for Liminal Horror (Plague of Frogs) took inspiration from one of B.P.R.D.’s arcs.
  • Hellboy - comic


  • Hereditary - film: An example of what happens if you don’t deal with the cult in you game
  • The Thing - 1982 film: One of the best films of all time. This would be a great scenario (if you had a mechanic for randomly replacing PCs/turning them into adversaries)
  • The Lighthouse -film: Cosmic Horror “buddy” movie.


  • Throne of Salt - blog: Its worth the time to delve deep.
  • SCP Foundation - web based collaborative fiction: You could run a session a week unitl the end of time using different monsters/things from the SCP.
  • Liminal Spaces (Twitter) @SpaceLiminalBot - this bot pulls from the reddit r/LiminalSpace/ These images really inspired the art direction of the covers (and the title)


  • The Company by Logan Dean - ttrpg: A fantastic game of corporate survival horror. If you are looking for a game where you try and make it through the day employed by an evil corporate (think Resident Evil, The Laundry Archives, Alien, Half Life) then this game is the one for you. The design work is top notch.
  • Agents of O.D.D. By Jason Toci - ttrpg If you are looking for a BPRD/Hellboy/Xfiles style game of cryptically and weird investigators of the paranormal you can’t find any better
  • Esoteric Enterprises by Dying Stylishly Games - ttrpg: A game of urban horror that is briming with the best tables / underworld generator you could ever want.



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