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Equipment List


Armored Vest (+1 Armor) $1000
Amulet from the old country (+1 Stability) $1000
Gas Mask (protects against airborne toxins) $100
Mask (protects your identity) $20


Unarmed attack (d4 damage) Free
Improvised or Crude Weaponry (d6 damage, bulky) $20
Hand Weapons: Dagger, Baton, Axe (d6 damage) $50
Taser/Mace Combo (DEX save or momentarily stunned) $50
Pistol (d6 damage) $200
Sawed off Shotgun (d6 blast, bulky) $500
Rifle (d8 damage, bulky) $750
Shotgun (d8 damage, bulky) $750
Assault rifle (d8 or d6 blast damage, bulky) $1250
Combat Shotgun (d6 damage blast with d8 area, bulky) $1250
Sniper (d8 damage or d12 damage when hidden, bulky) $1750


Molotov Cocktail (sets area alight, causing d6 continued damage until put out) $50
Flashbang (blast, temporarily blinds those who fail a DEX save) $100
Grenade (d8 damage, blast) $100
IED (d6 damage, blast with d4 continued damage per round) $200

Modern Day Potions

Tranquilizers (STR save or pass out) $50
Drugs (high based on drug, potential CTRL or STR save to grapple with negative effects) $50
Poison (lose d20 STR if passes through a blood-tissue barrier) $50
Antitoxin (stops toxins - unpleasant) $50
Acid (d4 damage until removed, caustic liquid that burns through materials $100
Stims (immediate recovery from critical damage, +1d4 temporary DEX) $100

Gear - does not include average tools found in most modern homes

Alarm Bypass $500 Forgery Kit $150
Bear Trap $100 Glass Cutting Tools $150
Binoculars $100 Grease $30
Blow Torch (welding) $250 Handcuffs $50
Body Bag $25 Head Lamp $25
Bolt Cutters $40 Laptop $1,000
Car Opening Kit $75 Lighter $10
Chain & Lock $50 Locksmith tools $150
Chainsaw $200 Marbles $20
Climbing Gear $150 Mechanical Tool Kit $150
Comms: Ear pieces $500 Metal Ball Bearings $40
Comms: Walkie Talkies $200 Night Vision Goggles $200
Directional Microphone $200 Pharmacist Kit $150
Drone / Advanced Drone $200 / $1000 Portable Ram $75
Good Camera $400 Portable Winch $100
Duffle Bag $50 Pulley & Rope $25
Duffle full of items for Black Bloc $150 Road Spikes (caltrops) $50
Electrical Tool Kit $150 Sledgehammer $40
Emergency Medical Kit $50 Spike Strip $150
Emergency Surgery Kit $100 Spray paint $15
Fake ID $200 Tarp $25
Flare $20 Zip Ties $25

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