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Facilitator and Player

Facilitators make consistent rulings during play and facilitate situations in which the players can engage with the fiction. The goal is to create interesting stories of horror and struggle against powers greater than oneself.

Player Choice

Facilitators provide players with as much information as possible in order to be innovative and clever in their problem solving. Risks should be clear, with multiple options for player choice present. Every choice matters.

No Classes

Investigators are not limited by a predefined class. A character’s specialty begins with their background, equipment, and experiences.


There is no leveling or mechanical experience in Liminal Horror. Success and failure lead to memorable stories. Building relationships, encountering void-touched relics, and stress fallout lead to character growth.

Stress and Fallout

Play deals with themes of cosmic horror. This is represented mechanically with stress and Stress Fallout. Fallout centers on how characters are changed by the Old Powers. The design intentionally avoids using mental illness and trauma as gameplay mechanics.

The Weird

Liminal Horror is designed to be set in a modern city. Characters slowly learn of the weird and dangerous things hidden in the dark. They will bend, or break, under the weight of the unknown.

The Old Powers and their Progeny

The Old Powers are bound in the deep, far away spaces. Their progeny act as a connection to reality. Some scurry across its surface while others are trapped beneath it. Many serve knowingly while even more are oblivious to the plans they further.


The world is dangerous and death is always a possible consequence. It should be ever present but never random or unexpected.

Death comes for everyone, but some suffer a fate worse.

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Liminal Horror was written and designed by Goblin Archives