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Getting To Know Your Character

The Abyss Stares Back

What was your first encounter with the unknown? Roll or choose:

1 Lost a loved one under mysterious circumstances. 6 The evidence online is too much to be ignored.
2 Witnessed something in the darkness. 7 You survived an attack you cannot explain.
3 Something is lurking in your dreams. 8 Someone close to you is pulling you in, or pushing you away.
4 Cult activity (perhaps they recruited someone significant). 9 You may be a card carrying member in a secret society.
5 You read something not meant for mortal minds. 10 You haven’t yet, that’s what session 1 is for!

Ideology and Beliefs

What is your character’s initial ideology/beliefs? What lens do they use to interpret the world and guide them toward action? Create your own or use the table below:

1 Everything has a rational explanation rooted in science. 6 Individuals can make a difference.
2 You ascribe to a specific political ideology. 7 A specific religion guides you.
3 Morality is black and white. 8 You believe in fate and it directly impacts your life.
4 Belief in higher powers. Astrology, spirituality, etc. 9 Free will is the only truth.
5 There are deep truths that others are not aware of. The answers are out there. 10 You believe in the power of community.


  • List one significant person to the investigator. What is their relationship? Give them a name and brief description.
  • List one contact the investigator has. This could be connected to their background. What is the contact’s area of expertise and what is their relationship to the investigator?

Potential Connections

1 Family member 6 Online associate
2 Lover (current or former) 7 Hero
3 Friend 8 Rival
4 Mentor 9 A Specialist
5 Protege 10 NPC

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