Relics are powerful and dangerous items touched by the Old Powers. Relics often have limited use and a recharge condition. Some examples:

Extractor - 0 charges. An old brass cylinder that resembles a medieval syringe. Able to transfer a ‘consciousness’ into another vessel. Recharge: Use the Extractor to wrench the consciousness from an “disabled” vessel. Users must make a CTRL save or take 1d4 stress.

Blade of Silence, 1 charge. This ornate dagger can disable all magic within 50ft, as long as you pay its price freely. Give forth your own blood (d6 damage) to activate. Recharge: Sleep under a moonless sky.

White Blade of Moonbone: (best of 2d6 CTRL damage, 3 Charges) - This glowing blade is made for one task, to sever. Recharge: Under a full moon, sunder a memory from one’s past.

Stone of Behrit 1 charge. Resembling a small egg with a distorted face. If you would take critical damage, ignore it instead. This stone activates and whisks you to safety. Recharge:

  • Sacrifice an innocent soul to the stone, add deprived and fatigued to the character sheet.
  • On the third recharge roll on Omens and Magical Catastrophes table.

An Anatomical Guide to Memory: The reader can converse with the souls bound within its pages. Take d6 Stress (CTRL) to read an entry. There are still empty pages in the book.

Horned Ring, 1 charge. Twist the ring to activate. You can sense how many people are around you and have distinct impressions of their inner feelings. Every hour your awareness becomes more refined, but take 1d6+1 Stress (CTRL). Recharge: Remove the ring, taking the Deprived tag for 12 hour

Instrument of the Black Flame: Some weapons have sigils and runes carved into them, warping and imbuing them with a heatless, black flame. The range depends on the weapon and they deal 1d6 CTRL damage to the target while dealing 1d4 Dex damage to the wielder.

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