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The Tales From The Void jam on has over 64 entries from Third Party Publishers. Some examples include:


A deluge of adventures for you to bring to the table. Can also be found on the blog.

  1. Layers of Unreality by Ostrichmonkey Games: “Explore the endless threads of the Skein in a procedurally driven liminal dungeon crawl… Face the horrors and hauntings of reality’s backstage. Delve deep, become changed. Escape if you can.”
  2. Metroskate Bloodbath: Written and Directed by Logan Dean (Mega_Corp). Can you survive the carnage that has befallen the skaterink/arcade/lazer tag?
  3. In the woods there grew a tree and a fine fine tree was he by Coup Critique: “a folk horror Hex Crawl for a facilitator” and one player where “the player character must quickly and carefully flee a rural community that is engaged in an annual festival in honor of the ancient woodland gods. “
  4. The Skin of The Snake: Giallo Flyer Horror Mystery by Coup Critique. A rash of murders has rocked Rimini (1979), killed by “a double-bladed knife, curved like the fangs of a rattlesnake or a cobra.”
  5. It adapts to your breathing by Coup Critique: a duel/duet format (one facilitator, one player) exploring what happens when you are being followed by IT. IT is always coming ever closer…what happens when if finally gets to you?
  6. The Post Office - Manual of Liminal Horror by CatWar Games: “A series of gruesome murders in a small, isolated town. / A missing mailman in the middle of the desert, and the Bureau has been called in. / Can you solve the mystery before a cataclysm destroys your city?”
  7. Trapped in an endless i-kräla by Javierloustaunau ( A procedural dungeon crawl that finds the PCs trapped in an endless modern megastore.
  8. The Skull of Murnau by CrayLives ( The Skull of Murnau is a one-shot scenario for Liminal Horror inspired by Ashcan Horror as well as Nosferatu (1922) and the occult rumours surrounding its production.
  9. Beneath the Lake - A Misadventure for Liminal Horror by undercommontaste ( A one-shot adventure module “inspired by a mixture of Scottish folklore through the lens of Appalachian settlers, a salt production disaster from 100 years ago, and the lowering of Boone Lake in 2014 to repair a sinkhole.”
  10. (No) Vacancy by Eldritch Gremlin. Trapped at a motel during a bad storm…what can go wrong? A one-shot adventure.
  11. The Vanished - Corporate Horror one-page dungeon by Josh Domanski: “The Digital Transformation department is typically a hive of activity. But something is different. Its occupants are gone, vanished into thin air.”
  12. Field Guide to Fever Swamp: A Conversion for Liminal Horror by Josh Domanski. “Field Guide to Fever Swamp is a conversion guide to Fever Swamp by Luke Gearing for use with *Liminal Horror*. This document is an aid to take the grim fantasy module and transform it to a modern horror setting”
  13. Welcome to St. Julian’s by Urania Games: A time bending mystery set at a Catholic School. Finished itchfunding and is in process of art and layout!
  14. The Museum of Mesmeric Art by DinoJam: “a unique Fill-In-The-Voids location and dungeon supplement” where you build an otherworldy museum where you attempt to “escape the Aberrant and other monsters that follow you, you’ll have to stress your creativity and tenacity beyond the conscious limit.”
  15. The Boat On Myrtle Beach by David II. “A short mystery location for Liminal Horror, based on the tweet” by Myrtle Beach PD.
  16. At the end of Mill Road by Rhea is a short colourful adventure about what has befallen the mill (hint, its not a pleasant fate).
  17. Bottomless by Apes of Wrath. “BOTTOMLESS is a onepage horror adventure landscape…Inspired by movies such as The Blob, Invasion of The Bodysnatchers and Desperation.”
  18. The Lost by Mandala Studios. “They tell me there are things worse than being alone. Like being with them, and still being alone…”
  19. Apocalypse Dreamer by Gallus ( “Across the city, people are falling asleep and can’t be woken. Dreams have been knocked loose from the head of YOGGOCK THE SLEEPING ONE and they now roam the streets seeking new hosts.”
  20. WIP\ Just a cog in the machine by Nimaël (

Monsters, Fallouts, Factions

  1. Liminal Horror Creatures: Click Clack + Gushing Graveler by Zach Hazard & Nick Tofani: Two unique monsters, written by each artist (and they illustrated the others’ creature)…you can also buy physical copies of the cards as well here.
  2. Dark Fairy Godmother by Evlyn Moreau: “Meet Savrinka, the dark fairy godmother. A dangerous ally, contact or scheming villain that you can easily insert into your Liminal Horror campaign.” Includes stats, location, fallout, and connections to other LH bestiary entries.
  3. This Spells Trouble by STATIONS ( “20 wondrous spells! / 20 strange side effects! / 20 ways you might have learned the spell! / 20 entities and groups your magic might attract! / A remix-able Words of Power table to create your own spells!”
  4. Found Footage - A pamphlet bestiary by Malbrus: a mini bestiary of found footage monsters (10) and one fallout.
  5. Faction: The Symposium by ManaRampMatt. “A scholarly society based in Oxford made up of fringe theologians, archaeologists, mystics, historians, ancient astronaut theorists, anthropologists, and black-market antiques dealers focusing on paranatural incursions throughout history and the artifact that were either produce by or left behind in these events.”
  6. Fall Fallout Table by Mograg. “36 weird ways your Liminal Horror character may be changed by the season of falling leaves and long shadows across the lawn.”
  7. Nameless Pages I-IV by The Gemfish. These are a series of fallouts, monsters, prompts, and other resources for Liminal Horror.
  8. Grandma’s Attic by Tim Obermueller. 7 artifacts (and a new spell table).
  9. An Investigator’s Bookshelf by Saelim Nisa. “This is a collection of strange and anomalous books one might find during their investigations.”
  10. Mary’s Stall by Saelim Nisa. A custom monster and fallout. Just remember to not go into the last stall.
  11. IT FOLLOWS by Goblin Archives. A custom fallout and monster entry modeled after the film It Follows.
  12. Faction: The Archivist by Goblin Archives. “A faction that answers the question, what if Columbo was a paranormal investigator/journalist/major NPC in the Liminal Horror universe? My own head-cannon has all official published works as reports created by THE ARCHIVIST. I may or may not have a map of the PNW marking different LH locations, written in the style of The Archivist…”
  13. The Donjon Maesters’ Guilde by cmframent. “A pamphlet toolkit” with “prompts for generating serial kidnappers and killers connected by a strange conspiracy and a love for enclosed spaces.”

Rules, Supplements, Appendices, Hacks & Spanish Language Content


  • Liminal High School by Evlyn ( Six pages of random tables and some optional rules to generate a group of high schoolers for the TTRPG Liminal Horror. Contain original artwork by Evlyn Moreau.
  • Research Recruit by ManaRampMatt: a pamphlet size “set of solo roleplaying rules for Liminal Horror
  • Faction Power & Resources by Tim Obermueller. “Need some ideas for a faction? Not sure what they have or what they can do? Use this to decide on the types of things your faction has. Do they have a fleet of motor scooters? Do they own a high rise? Are all the members of the faction familiar with magic?”
  • Faces, Places… AND THE WEIRD!!! by Roque Romero. “A big table with 216 possible factions/NPCs. A d100 table of common places. A sparks table for Liminal Places and two additional tables for turning these into RELICS or ENTITIES.”
  • Odd Places…AND THE WEIRD!!! by Roque Romero. “d100 Uncommon places and d100 (x d6) weird stuff to use in your game.”
  • Alternative Equipment by SageDaMage.
  • Inventory Card System by Goblin Archives: a Mausritter style inventory card system.
  • Appendix V: Vehicles Expanded by Goblin Archives. Expanded vehicle rules for Liminal Horror.
  • Appendix F: Flashbacks by Goblin Archives. Optional rules to integrate flashback mechanics into play.
  • Light by Goblin Archives is a table of different light sources to cut through the miasma.
  • Weird Horror Art Pack 1 & Art Pack 2 by Roque Romero: images and banners for your publications.
  • Rules Summary by fleetingXe


  • SCI-FI LH by Roque Romero is a Liminal Horror hack for SPACE. “Come scream with us (supposedly) no one can hear you scream and die horribly (un)solving odd Liminal Horror mysteries IN SPACE!”
  • LIMINAL COLOSSUS by Mynar Lenahan. A Kaiju Supplement. “The final Doom Clock has filled. The Liminal Colossus rises from beneath the sea. The City is decimated, with survivors trying to rebuild what they can. How will Investigators adapt to this strange new era for humanity?”
  • This Mortal Coil by David Garrett ( “play a space traveler-turned-necromancer on a quest to achieve eternal life before you become irredeemably corrupted by the forces of darkness. You’ll explore surreal worlds, battle terrifying creatures, negotiate with cosmic horrors, and command the forces of darkness.”


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