Here is a magic generator that randomizes the below information: Liminal Horror Spell Generator

Magic System

Characters may be able to use magic if they:

  • Rolled it during character creation.
  • Gained it through Stress Fallout.
  • Were exposed and changed by the Old Powers during play. There are those who seek to mentor, and others who seek to inflict their lessons on others.

Random spells are generated using the table and process below.

  • Each morning the PC must fill an empty inventory slot with a random spell. PCs can only ‘create’ one spell per day. Players may instead choose to prepare a copy of a spell they lost on the previous day.
  • Spells use a single action.
  • Afterward they leave the inventory.
  • If deprived or in danger, the PC must make a CTRL save to avoid any ill-effects. Consequences of failure should correlate in level to the intended effect. Failure may result in Stress, Fatigue, injury, death or Omens/Magical Catastrophe.
  • Spell effects are decided by the Facilitator with input from the player. They should work together to come up with the general effect and scope of the spell. The Facilitator makes the final ruling in play. (Baseline: offensive spells typically cause d8 damage if it’s single target or d6 if it’s blast damage).
  • PCs can attempt to retain the spell by successfully making a CTRL save.
  • On success: Spell stays prepared. PC marks fatigue in an inventory slot.
  • On a failure: the player does not retain the spell, marks deprived and adds fatigued to their inventory.

Spell Tables (adapted from Maze Rats)

Step 1 - Spell Formula (2d6)

  1-3 4-6
1 Physical Effect + Physical Form Ethereal Element+ Physical Form
2 Physical Effect + Ethereal Form Ethereal Element+ Ethereal Form
3 Ethereal Effect + Physical Form Physical Effect + Physical Element
4 Ethereal Effect + Ethereal Form Physical Effect + Ethereal Element
5 Physical Element+ Physical Form Ethereal Effect + Physical Element
6 Physical Element+ Ethereal Form Ethereal Effect + Ethereal Element

Step 2 - Spell Name (roll 2d6 for each table called for in the formula)

Alt text

Omens and Magical Catastrophes (roll d20)

1 Animals die
2 City appears
3 Deadly fog
4 Dream plague
5 Endless night
6 Endless storm
7 Endless twilight
8 Endless winter
9 Forest appears
10 Graves open
11 Mass slumber
12 Meteor strike
13 Mirrors speak
14 No stars
15 Outsider enters
16 People vanish
17 Portal opens
18 Rifts open
19 Tower appears
20 Water to blood

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Scrolls are similar to Chaos Magic, however:

  • They do not take up an inventory slot.
  • They do not cause fatigue.
  • They disappear after one use.
  • Players must make a CTRL save or receive 1d4 Stress

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