Mysteries & Adventures

This page is intended to catalogue and collect published mysteries and adventures.

Official Modules:

  • The Mall Official module: What if The Thing were set in a 1990s mall? in print, itch
  • The Bureau Official module co-written with Josh Domanski: It’s Gradient Descent meets Control in print, itch

3rd-Party Modules:

  • The Potato King by Evlyn Moreau A grotesque Liminal Horror scenario of an elder god being fried and served to the people of a small town through the greasy fast food stand of the Potato King. Beware eating the flesh of starchy gods. itch

Writing Your Own

  • If you are interested in creating your own mysteries and adventures but don’t know where to start, I have created a template that can help support you in your writing: Mystery Framework Google Template.
  • Liminal Horror is written in such a way to accommodate many different styles and structures. If you have type of sesson to play set to modern horror/weird, then Liminal Horror can work for you.

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