Adventure Conversions for Liminal Horror

This is an in progress collection of adventure conversion guides to the Liminal Horror system. The conversion guides must be used with the original adventures.Below is the link to the itch page that hosts all the conversion guides.

The following adventures either have guides completed or are in process. Links are provided to allow for purchase of the adventures (in print or digitally).

Let Us In by Luka Rejec (completed):

Neo-70s modern slasher horror. In search for an inheritance, four heroes arrive to check up on rich relatives during a “harvest” festival.

Mouth Brood by Amanda Lee Franck (in process):

Explore a recently uncovered biosphere hidden in an icy norther glacier. Venture into the unknown and try and survive long enough to uncover mysterious specimens in a space where you are low on the food chain.

BLACKOUT in Crater Valley: a VHS era Slasher RPG by ZOG (in progress):

A conversion of a DCC funnel adventure that pits 198X teenagers against a newly awoken evil force as they try to save their town (and survive).

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Liminal Horror was written and designed by Goblin Archives