The Mall: Character Creation

Alternative character creation rules for The Mall, for use in place of Liminal Horror’s Character Generation (LH pg 6-11).

The adventure/module for THE MALL can be found at

Step 1: Adding to the Mall

Each person at the table will propose one shop to be added to the mall (this is not necessarily their PC’s place of work). State its name, description and floor (1-3). Then, it’s time to make your characters!

Step 2: Ability Scores & HP

a. Roll 3d6 for each of your ability scores (any two results may be swapped)

  • Strength (STR): Physicality, brawn & toughness.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Speed, sneaking & precision.
  • Control (CTRL): Willpower, charm & weird

b. Roll 1d6 for Hit Protection (HP)

Step 3: Investigator Details:

Answer the following questions:

Why Are You At The Mall?**

Likely Reasons:

  • You work at the mall. *Where do you work? (Shops Table) What job do you do?
  • You are a customer. What is your reason for visiting today?
  • The mall is where you and your friends hang out. What “scene” is your character a part of?

Below is a non-comprehensive list of shops at the mall.

Shops Table

  1. Roller Rink (Level 1)
  2. DMV (Level 1)
  3. Arcade & Music Venue (Level 1)
  4. Maintenance (Level 1)
  5. Shipping & Receiving (Level 1)
  6. Polly’s Pet Emporium(Level 1)
  7. Security (Level 2)
  8. Emmy’s Swords & Stuff (Level 2)
  9. Business Association (Level 2)
  10. Stan’s Pretzel Stand (Level 3)
  11. Mall Management (Level 3)
  12. Movie Theater (Level 3)
  13. Joe’s Burger Barn (Level 3 - recently closed)
  14. Help Desk (Level 3) Shop Generator
  15. Specialty stores (Spencers gifts, Hot Topic, Claire’s)
  16. Makeup (Nail Salon, Ulta, Sephora)
  17. Clothing stores (Forever 21, Journey’s Shoes)
  18. Books & Music (Barnes & Nobles)
  19. Big box stores (use to be 3) (JCpenney, Sears, Nordstrom)
  20. food court shops (Orange Julius, Cinnabon)

How does your character feel about the mall?**

(or about life)? This is used in place of the core Ideology and Beliefs (LH pg. 8) table. Players can also use that table as an additional step.

Some examples are:

  1. This mall sucks.
  2. Things are looking up.
  3. People are starting to notice the effort you are putting in.
  4. You cannot stop spending all of your money here.
  5. This town is boring, but at least the mall is cool.
  6. You’re thankful for the job.
  7. Your talent is being wasted.
  8. Is my shift over yet?
  9. This place is the root of your problems.
  10. 1You cannot escape this place.
  11. 1You keep coming back.
  12. Things can’t get worse.
  13. There is room for upward mobility here at the mall.
  14. If you work a little bit harder you can secure that promotion.
  15. Some of the people you care about most work here.
  16. The other people at the mall are the worst.
  17. When you’re here, your family.
  18. A job’s a job.
  19. Things are going to turn around soon.
  20. This place is your prison.


Traits Tables (LH pg. 9) can be used to randomly generate: Physique, Face, Speech and the optional traits - Virtues, Flaws, and Misfortunes.

Step 4: Starting Gear

This replaces Liminal Horror’s Starting Gear Tables (LH pg. 10) .

  • Choose 2 items your character would have brought with them to the mall.
  • There are lockers in the break room (Level 2) for mall employees.
  • If an employee, mark what item(s) are in your locker at the start of play.
  • Most people in the mall would not bring weapons larger than a knife (d6) or taser/mace (DEX save or momentarily stunned).

The table below provides examples. More are included in Equipment (LH pg. 12-13).

  1. Leather Jacket
  2. Cans of spray paint
  3. Polaroid camera
  4. Skateboard
  5. Roller skates
  6. Boombox
  7. Six pack
  8. Gum
  9. Lighter
  10. Nail polish remover
  11. Paint Pens
  12. Lock pick set
  13. Purchase from Emmy’s Swords and Stuff
  14. Cosplay
  15. Scene appropriate attire
  16. Pack of cigarettes
  17. Taser/Mace
  18. Knife
  19. Instrument
  20. Music player & headphones
  21. DIY tattoo kit
  22. Pet
  23. Bag of illicit substances
  24. Mouth spray
  25. Workout Equipment
  26. Remote control car
  27. Key wallet
  28. jnco jeans
  29. Walkie talkies
  30. Tool (s)
  31. Handcuffs
  32. Bundle of nylon rope
  33. Letter of resignation
  34. A fifth
  35. Shirt, tie, and slacks.
  36. Shoplifted item
  37. Civilian Clothes
  38. Lacrosse Stick
  39. Effigy
  40. Gun

Step 4: General Info:

  • Age: Choose or roll 1d12+17.
  • Look: Choose a style of clothing or look for your character.
  • If they are an employee: what is their uniform? Did they bring a change of clothes with them into work?
  • Name: What is your character’s name?

Step 5: Entanglements (complete as a party)

a. Connection: Choose/Create a NPC that your character has a connection with. Describe them and their connection to you.

b. Bonds: Describe the bond you have with one other player at the table.

  1. Crush
  2. Dating
  3. Ex (friend or lover)
  4. Friend
  5. Work spouse
  6. Helped out of a bind.
  7. Lent money
  8. Rival
  9. (Vice) buddy
  10. Confidant
  11. Enemy
  12. Frenemy
  13. Obsessed with
  14. Annoyed by
  15. Work proximity associate
  16. Parental figure
  17. Mentor
  18. Wish was friend
  19. Co-worker
  20. Supervisor

c. Rumors: Roll D10 to determine what rumor the PC has heard recently.

  1. The disappearances in town have something to do with the mall.
  2. Terry has a bunch of contraband hidden in security.
  3. If you can get into the vents, you can get anywhere in the mall.
  4. Billy (Mr. Neil’s assistant) is living off of the loading dock.
  5. Mr. Neil has been tracking mud all over the mall.
  6. There are hidden cameras in the mall.
  7. Maggie carries a gun.
  8. The Mall Rats sneak into the mall at night.
  9. Emmy’s weapons are real.
  10. Joe’s Burger Barn is closed today because Joe’s being investigated.

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