Whisper Cards

Whisper Card mechanic is designed to push characters to action and allow PCs to be Replaced. The contents of the cards are kept secret from the Facilitator and other players, leaving the rest of the table to question and wonder.

Explaining the Mechanic to Players:

At the end of the scene when the monster erupts from Mr. Neil (DOOM 2), give each player a Whisper Card and brief them on the mechanic.

  • Individual players will get them from different actions and situations.
  • Each Whisper Card has 2 prompts. Choose one and act upon it in the subsequent scene(s).
  • Cards should be kept secret from other players.
  • Some Whisper Cards will indicate that your character has been REPLACED. While they will outwardly look the same (for now), their drives have changed.

Example Triggers (sidebar)

  • Triggers noted in the text.
  • Receiving Fallout.
  • Direct contact with spores.
  • Physical contact with fluids from a Child of Ammon.
  • Killing another person.
  • Touching the barrier.
  • The DOOM Clock progressing.
  • The complication for failing some saves.
  • Taking Stress (only the most proactive player gets a card instead of Stress).
  • Approaching the portal (pg. xx) reveals a special card addressing both the human and Replaced characters.

Digital Whisper Card Instructions

  1. Download the-mall-whisper-cards.pcio
  2. Go to PlayingCards.io Virtual Tabletop
  3. Scroll down to {Import a Game File}
  4. Drag or select the-mall-whisper-cards.pcio to create a new game using those files.

Note: Room Expires after 30 days of Activity

  • The top right corner of the popout has the room code that you share with your friends.
  • Click enter to start the game.
  • There are 3 decks to be used sequentially.
  • The box at the bottom is a player’s hand (it keeps the card hidden from others).
  • You can click the toolbox to adjust the number of cards in each deck (and increase the frequency of Replaced cards).
  • The fourth deck is for when players make it to the portal.
  • It shuffles each deck upon creation, but if you add cards you can click the number in the top left corner to shuffle.
  • The first deck does not have a Replaced card.

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