Outside Resources

Below are a collection of resources I have found that will help when planning sessions. They are a mix of blog posts, other horror games, and should be used to inspire and guide your planning.

  • 31 Horror Adventure Hooks by Diogo Nogueira: This is a collection of 31 different horror hooks that could easily become the basis for a phenomonal Liminal Horror session. Use them as the foundation or as inspiration to seed dread and the unknown into play.
  • The Trajectory of Fear - or How to Use Horror Tropes Effectively in your game (pdf) by Ash Law. This is a document that looks at how to use four types of fear (unease, dread, terror, horror) in your games.
  • 20 Narrative Horror Resources by Eduardo Carabaño. This is an evocative list of images and prompts to use/inspire.
  • SCP Foundation This wiki collects and compiles fictional entires on paranatural items. SCP fictionally positions itself as a government organization tasked with containing these items. While it’s premise doesn’t exactly align with Liminal Horror (which has PCs acting much more on their own as the baseline), Facilitators might find it helpful to read SCP entries and imagine how those items would interact with the world if they were out in the wild (and imagine how investigators may encounter and grapple with them).
  • itch.io Adventure Collection: I have created a collection on itch.io of different horror adventures/mysteries/modules/scenarios that could be used when planning for your Liminal Horror game. Over time I hope to create conversion guides for these. Thankfully Liminal Horror is so adaptable that you could easily slot these adventures in. Just use the Creating Monsters section to guide your at home conversions.

I have admired Throne of Salt’s writing for quite a while. Here are is a (noncomprehensive) list of blog posts that one could use when planning sessions/mysteries/campaigns.

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